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#Cryptok, (TICKER = $CRYPTO), is the worlds newest decentralized version of TikTok. We are now live on Binance Smart Chain / BSC

Welcome to CrypTok — soon to be the sizzling hot new memecoin on the block, bringing influencers, creators, and developers together for a fun-filled ride on the unstoppable wave that is cryptocurrency!

Think of CrypTok as the cryptocurrency version of TikTok, where you can create, share, and interact with amazing content and audience, all while earning and using our native token — CrypTok coin.

With CrypTok being a blockchain-based platform influencers and creators can monetize their content and creativity in a whole new way. Whether you’re a cryptocurrency genius or just got interested in being a part of this crazy world, CrypTok is here to connect you with like-minded individuals who share a passion for all things $CRYPTO!

But wait, that’s not all we are bringing to this space! CrypTok will be packed with tons of useful features and utilities, including unique bots, trading, staking, and liquidity provision, allowing users to generate income and cash out fiat and/or trade CrypTok for other cryptocurrencies. And with our community-driven approach, driven through memes and fun content, CrypTok’s value depends on engagement and trends, giving our users unique power to influence the direction and growth of our platform.

Sound like something you would be interested in being apart of? Well, come join CrypTok community for updates on the new fun, engaging platform filled with endless possibilities, and the chance to become part of something truly special in the world of digital currencies! This social media platform will be a place where you can share your very own cryptocurrency story with others out there who are involved or interested in learning more about cryptocurrency.

-#Lowtax token on the Binance Smart Chain Network, low supply, low gas, big memetility! No more getting banged over the head with #ETH gas fees!

-Massive marketing campaign has started.

-Team has a huge outreach of connections with endless support.

-Professional and experienced development team.

- V1 website is now live with dAPP coming soon…

-Great entry point with the long term general #marketing conditions looking more bullish each and every day.

-Bullish and supportive community.

-#CrypTok has potential to be the most innovative decentralised social media application #utility for #cryptocurrency networking around the world. To incorporate this as the utility for $CRYPTO, it will only enhance the endless potential for this epic project.

Invest early and come network with us! 🤝🚀

Contract address (Binance Smart Chain Network):

0x3fa0582178390a1ae9d486054bc662741dca5224 BSC Scan link: https://bscscan.com/token/0x3fa0582178390a1ae9d486054bc662741dca5224

Telegram community:

CrypTok - $CRYPTO ⚡️WE ARE $CRYPTO. JOIN CRYPTOK.... GET CONNECTED! https://t.me/CrypTokGlobalt.me

Announcement Channel:

CrypTok - $CRYPTO Entry PortalWE ARE $CRYPTO. JOIN CRYPTOK.... GET CONNECTED! CrypTok = Decentralized version of TikTok, but better... Low tax: 2/3…t.me



-V1 website is now live, stay tuned for updates as we are working with our incredible professional website developer who does not speak fluent English, but is one of the best website developers in this space. Our website dev develops website’s as his career.

:: CrypTok :: Think of CrypTok as the cryptocurrency version of Tik Tok.CrypTok is a blockchain-based platform where influencers and creators can monetize their content in a whole new way.…cryptokglobal.app

Team: https://medium.com/@arasbaker8/cryptok-the-new-decentralized-version-of-tiktok-494a50c3027a

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